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Things To Do In Starting Up A Personal Blog Site

Starting up a web log or blog requires some things to be done. I would like to share some of the basic things needed.

Things to do in starting up a blog site:

  1. Web Hosting
    When it comes to web hosting there are choices to be made whether the blog should be hosted on free site or a paid hosting. As per experience putting a site on a free hosting have the advantage of not spending anything for it, but the downside of it is limited opportunity for monetizing the blog. If you choose a paid web hosting it’s better to compare Top Web Hosting Sites and see what are the various hostings available and their pros and cons.
  2. Domain Name
    Selecting a domain name is a bit tricky and difficult. The domain name is something like a brand on the net. It should be easy to remember and speaks about your site in general if possible. Though domain names are difficult to find as most of the common words or word combinations are already taken.
  3. Blog Platform
    There are different platforms for blogging available like calliope, b2evolution, feedonfeeds, wordpress, and more. Some blog platforms are free while others are have license to be paid. I would not delve into the various platform, but will directly recommend the easiest and the most versatile one which is wordpress.
  4. Site Theme
    The new installed blog is very bare and lackluster. Though everything is functional, it is still good to have a better presentation of your blog. Properly chose site theme adds more traffic to the site.

With those things, it’s pretty easy to start blogging in the right direction. Hoping that you can also add up some of your start up things for a personal blog.

2 Responses to “Things To Do In Starting Up A Personal Blog Site”

  1. biznbuzz Says:

    me i prefer to use 3 column wordpress themes all the time for multiple functionality =)

  2. Adarsh Says:


    I just started a personal blog yesterday. I have had numerous blogs before. but a personal one is just so new to me

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