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Fixing Windows Computer Slow Down due to Registry File Conflicts

Often users of Windows System complain that their relatively high end computer which runs on 2.4GHz with 2GB RAM is crawling after only months of use. I don’t know if you have experienced the same for your computer. I have observed that as time goes by computer runs slower and crashes more.

There are several factors that could be attributed to computer slow down. A common culprit is due to Windows Registry File Extension mapping conflicts. The reason behind might be the constant install and uninstall of computer software. Another would be the addition and removal of some computer hardware device. It might also be due to the changes in a computer settings.

Any change to both computer software and computer hardware affects the Registry File. The constant change could leave the registry corrupted or fragmented. In the long run the computer will crash or hung up as conflicts in say Registry File Extension entries remain unresolved while opening a file. The registry which stores the information of program application to file mapping left with conflicts could cause computer slow down.

Fixing computer slow down problem due to conflict in registry file extension mapping is as simple as running a registry file scanner regularly. The registry scanner will automatically fix all the conflicts. There are computer software like RegistryFix or RegCure that are freely available that could be used to fix Registry File Extension mapping conflicts. Regular registry scan would make your Windows computer run faster and stable.

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  1. Lou Says:

    RegCure only lists registry problems and only the scan is free. In order to repair errors, you must purchase the license. I tried it, using the “free” scan, but it wouldn’t repair/fix anything and instead recommended that I purchase the software in order to repair the registry. The offers of free scan mean just that…scan only, no fix, gotta pay.

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