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Windows XP Could Not Open Known File Extension

Computers with fresh installed Windows operating system are smooth running at the start. Any change on the registry file by adding and removing program files is not immediately visible. There are studies that majority of computer system errors or instability is caused by corrupt or missing registry entries. If left unchecked and corrected, these registry entry errors would cause your Windows system to crash or fail.

File Extension are important as they indicate the type of file it is. It also shows the application software that will be used to open that file. There are times though that I have encountered difficulty in opening a file with known file extension. This could be the case when the Windows Registry entry for that particular file extension is corrupted.

Some common cause of not able to open known File Extension:

  • Missing or corrupted applications identifiers
  • corrupted files
  • Unrecognized files
  • uninstalled programs
  • Unused or missing files
  • Broken Windows or application paths

I observed that uninstalled programs will leave the associated files orphan in the registry file. Known files are difficult to open due to corrupted application software installation. Whenever there’s difficulty in opening certain File Extension, registry scanners should be run on the system. Thereby, correcting all the possible cause of the error and ensuring better computer performance.

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