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Converting Parsons Technology Address Book File to Microsoft Address Book

Internet email is a very convenient mode of communicating with family, relatives, and friends. Email started almost simultaneously when the Internet started. I could remember the popular email software application which I used before like Eudora Mail, Pegasus Mail, and Pine to name a few. Unlike the powerful email software suite of today where address book is integrated on the email client software; the address book for some software before is separate.

Parsons Address Book is one of those that were popular during those early years of the Internet which was later renamed to Ultimate Mail Manager. The latest version of Parsons Address Book was version 7.0 prior to renaming it to Ultimate Mail Manager. The Parsons Address Book files saved have File Extension AB2. Since, the development of the software is not anymore active there’s already limited support.

There are cases when people using Parsons Address Book software have been hit by computer virus, hard disk crash, or deletion of some DLL files that causes the software not to work. Worst is that on many occasion the installation CD is not anymore available. A contingency plan then is to convert the Parsons Address Book File Extension AB2 file to a format readable by newer email client software suite. By experience porting legacy software data such as address book data is easier said than done.

I have learned that there are people who have successfully ported .AB2 file using a text editor software into TAB delimited form through trial and error method. Just a precautionary measure, before trying to convert the file with File Extension AB2; a back copy should be created first. This might not be 100% reliable as it sometimes causes software crash when the ported file is used.

Another way is to use the Ultimate Mail Manager which comes together with Broderbund’s Printshop Suite or a Parsons Address Book software to do the conversion of the address book. Once the file is already in TAB delimited format other software like Microsoft Address Book, Thunderbird, Kmail, and other email client software would be able to access it.

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