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Office Desktop Computer Low Memory Problem Decreases Productivity

Have you experienced waiting very long time for your desktop computer to respond on keyboard input or mouse clicks? Alternatively, say it takes time to load Windows XP during start up. This kind of things is annoying, time killer, and makes one crazy at work.

I have observed that slow response of desktop computer decreases work productivity. Waiting for the result to show up on the screen causes me headache and eye strain. I may be clicking too fast that’s why the computer could not even have the time to respond, which finally end up with not responding error. When this occurs what I do is take a break off and get something to drink. Usually, the computer does respond to keyboard or mouse click after taking sometime off.

This normally happens when there are too many instances of Firefox browser and other software application that are open. I believe that the 1Gb RAM of computer resource is not enough to cope with the number of opened window. Maybe increasing the RAM to 2 Gb would ease the delayed response of my desktop computer, which greatly affects work productivity.

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