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Solution to Heat Problems in Computer Server Room and Data Centers

The demand is increasing for faster computer servers with enhanced applications. I could see an ever increasing processing speed, data storage, power needs, and cooling requirements which goes with new technology on computer servers. These poses some cooling problem on computer servers or data centers.

All of these factors combined could generate more heat than traditional room based cooling solution. In our institute servers, we’ve observed that conventional perimeter cooling approaches have technical and practical limitations in closely packed space. Heat generated by machines are not dissipated efficiently.

Thus, our computer servers are installed with row and rack-based cooling solution. There are several advantages that we’ve seen in implementing rack based cooling solution for our computer servers.

Some advantages of row and rack based cooling:

  • suitable for high density requirement
  • enhanced availability
  • easier temperature predictability
  • improved cooling efficiency
  • easily adapt on changes
  • lower electrical consumption

Checks on computer server temperatures with Digital Laser Thermometer could be done easily.  The check showed how the rack-based cooling has been effective in lowering specific spot temperatures of our servers. I could say that row and rack-based cooling solution would be most suitable for controlling heat problems in computer server rooms and data centers.

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