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Installing Virtual Application Software calls for Computer Memory Upgrade

Newer computer software applications demands more computing hardware resource. Especially, if you want to run multiple operating system by setting up Virtual Machines on your computer. Before a 2GB of computer memory is enough to run Windows Vista, but the as programs are loaded everything seems to be not enough. For a desktop computer running Windows Vista a 4GB Memory Upgrade is a usual consideration to beat slowing response when opening up multiple application windows.

Anyway, I don’t use Windows Vista yet at the office, since my aging desktop computer only runs on 1GB of memory at 1.8MHz CPU speed. This is kind of old, but I am contemplating of having an upgrade. I am not even sure yet if the computer motherboard will support 4GB Memory Upgrade. It would be cool to have a 4GB memory on the working computer as I open up multiple windows usually and run along side a Linux Virtual Machine.

It’s a good thing that computer memory today is pretty cheap. A 4GB memory is about 100$ to 300$ depending on the type. Larger memory would made possible running multiple OS with virtual PC’s or VMWare on my Windows XP desktop computer. On a desktop computer running virtual machines are a little less of a problem, but on my Acer Apire One 8.9″ netbook it crawls. Maybe a 2GB PC2-6400 200-PIN SODIMM upgrade would be needed from the 1GB original memory when I bought it from a computer fair in COMWORLD, Thailand.

If you want to run virtual application on your old desktop computer then memory upgrade is surely needed. You would really experience a boost in performance when running application programs whether on native host OS or Virtual guest OS.

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