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Fix Computer Slowdown with WinASO Registry Optimizer

In a couple of years of using your computer, you tend to accumulate both useful and non useful computer applications. You install and uninstall programs, unknowingly you are creating corrupted data causing your computer to slowdown. Most of the time it is affecting the system’s registry performance. So you need a software to fix computer registry entries by using WinASO Registry Optimizer that I highly recommend. Compared to other similar programs, it has several functions that enables you to boost your system speed thus allowing a better performance in any type of task you are running in your computer.

This week my wife raised her concern about the recurring computer problem in her office. It seems that in the past four years of using her HP computer, this month made her less productive because of her computer’s sluggish performance. It takes more than five minutes to open internet browsers and data as well. I tried running an anti-virus program thinking it might have been caused by malicious ware and deleted unused files yet the problem still persisted. Then I remembered the software that me fixed my laptop’s speed issue.

I have tried another type of registry tool before but WinSAO is more effective. So far I have never encountered any major catastrophe with my PC and laptop with so many programs working on it at the same time since I regularly run this optimizer to make sure unwanted applications are properly eliminated. For the trial version of this software you need to Download WinASO Registry Optimizer from their website. It is a must to have this software secured in your system.

Some of the additional useful tools that you can find along with after installation are the following:

  • Privacy Cleaner or Disk Cleanup
  • Registry Defragmenter
  • DirectX Diagnostic Tool
  • Registry Editor; and more.

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