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Speed Up Windows XP Slow Computer Performance

Slow Windows XP computer booting, strange PC errors and frequent computer crashes are annoying things most people experience. Users frequently complain about computer seems slower than it used to be. It happened to me also. My Acer Aspire One, after a year is slower than it was new from the shop. There might be a number of issues, which cause my netbook running on Windows XP to slow down during start up.

There are several reasons for computer performance drop such as unnecessary software consumes PC resources, files on disk are disorganized, too many programs loads during startup, unused network drives, and many others. Third party software are widely available that fixes windows problems, safely repair errors on your computer, removes bugs and restores the computer back to its original performance.

There are greater threats with the use of the internet that dramatically slows computer’s performance. Computer errors due to a stealth worm, virus, Trojan could wreak havoc and needs to troubleshoot problems by clean booting.

Before doing anything on your computer, it’s a must to create some backup or a restore point in case something goes wrong. You can use the built-in Windows XP data backup software or system restore program. It’s a good practice to have a data backup recovery plan when things go wrong.

Some things to improve Windows XP computer performance:

  • remove automatically loaded programs
  • fix and update device drivers
  • check for computer virus and Trojans
  • disconnect unused network connections
  • defragment disk files

There are many other more reasons, but the above are on my experience usually causing poor Windows XP performance.

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