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Smartphone Nokia E52 Copy and Paste Browsed Webpage

Smartphones have matured a lot, but it’s amazing to note that some of the features are still limited. I have a Nokia E2 smartphone which is very useful for browsing web pages due to the 3G and WiFi access capability.

A feature of the smartphone which comes handy is connectivity to the internet. I could connect the phone to a wireless access point at home. There are times that I would like to copy text from the browsed website for sending SMS text messages to friends on the phone.

I have difficulty in achieving this one using the built-in browser of Nokia E52. It’s really disappointing that the copy and paste facility of Nokia E52 only works on a text box. Thus, it’s seeming useless for browsed website. Most users are hoping that there would be a firmware upgrade to include this feature in Nokia E2 to copy and paste text from browsed pages.

There are lot of work around for this problem, but I have encountered on the web forums as a solution using an intermediate website. Nokia E52 user could visit, which prompts for the URL of the website to convert to text or HTML for copying. This solution works mostly for al S60 based mobile phone browsers.

It seems to be a tedious task for web pages with lots of text, but it’s a solution that works fine for me. If you have some other solution at hand, which is better you can share your thoughts to overcome this limitation on Nokia E52 smartphones.

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