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Smartphone and Mobile Internet Device Web Applications Development Software

It could not be denied that there’s an ever increasing volume of smartphone and mobile internet devices being sold. When I travel around the city, I could observe that even students on lower grades have a smart phone. The constant surge of new models of smartphone and mobile internet device is evidence of the pace of innovation. It’s difficult even to see what will be the prevailing platform and products soon.

Due to the cheap cost of smartphones, I believe that everyone will have it soon. Furthermore, mobile internet devices such as tablets will gain more markets. In the US alone, it was predicted that one-third of Americans will own a tablet in the next two years. Statistics showed that Apple and Android devices are leading the market over Microsoft or RIM that trails with some improvement. Apple is the leading device manufacturer with their iPhone and iPads, but Android devices are catching up fast with an ever increasing number of Free Web Apps on the Google market place.

In the US, the most used mobile apps are social networking, games, news, maps, music and videos. Web applications are growing tremendously to complement with the increase of user base of these devices. Social networking web application like Facebook tops the list of the most-used webapps. The people are hooked into this web application due to the way people can connect with friends and family. The games like Angry Birds are so popular on smart phone and mobile devices. I am not really an avid fan of social networking or games, but with interest more on business applications. Thus, business web applications are my main interest and I find mobile internet access through 3G or WiFi as important factor in selecting a mobile device.

Developing web applications for smartphone and mobile internet devices is growing in demand. I even have even applied on a company which develops software for these devices. I have stumbled on Octomobi Free Webapps which is an online tool for easily creating photo galleries, CV’s online, or mobile friendly website. What is good is that the web application and website developed behaves like native apps. Thus, the software is a perfect development tool on a wide range of mobile internet device.

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