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OTN Developer Days Oracle 11g Database, System Root, Oracle Enterprise Manager Password

Virtual Machines are very convenient in IT training and learning. In the study of Oracle Database 11g, I use the Oracle VM VirtualBox Manager. The virtualization software can be downloaded for free from the Oracle website. It takes time to install Oracle Database even on a virtualized system. Thus, it’s better to use the OTN Developer Days 11g Database virtual image.

The virtual appliance comes loaded with lots of applications, and it includes Oracle 11g database where I am interested most. I have successfully imported the “oracle virtual file” or ovf able to use the OTN Developer Days Oracle Database 11g version.

The problem I have started with accessing the Oracle Linux 5. The Linux authentication for oracle user with SYS and SYSDBA database credentials are as follows:
Username: oracle
Password: oracle

The above credentials allowed login to the Oracle Linux and at the same login to Oracle 11g database through SQL*Plus client software. The following commands are invoked for database connection without specifying again the username and password:
$sqlplus /nolog
SQL>conn / as sysdba

There are occasions that administrative privilege is needed to make changes to the Linux environment. It took a while to discover the following credentials:
Username: root
Password: oracle

I tried to run the Oracle Enterprise Manager, but was prompted for login username and password. Many have tried the following username/password combinations, but have failed:

The correct Oracle Enterprise Manager login credential are as follows:
Username: sys
Password: oracle

Some advice to search for the getting started links, but I haven’t found it. In summary, whatever is the standard or usual username should be used for login except that the default password is “oracle” for OTN Developer Days Oracle 11g database virtual appliance.

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