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Fixing Windows XP Startup Rundll Error Loading Tapi.nfo

Computer performance is an important factor for a user. I was called to check a Dell OptiPlex 745 desktop computer which reported to be a slow computer. The computer has a Core 2 Duo processor with Windows XP operating system.

There is much power under the hood of Dell OptiPlex 745 to cope up the day to day office needs. However, due to the numerous application programs installed and uninstalled in the system the computer performance was affected. Registry cleaner software clean up coupled with an antivirus scanner scanning is really required. Another way to improve performance is to remove the McAfee Internet Security subscription from the system and install Microsoft Security Essential software as a replacement.

A couple of Trojan / Virus software were detected and removed by Microsoft Security Essential scanner in the process. Running the free CCleaner registry cleaner software also fixed a lot of error, but after the computer was restarted the Rundll popup error was still there.

The succeeding option was to use TrendMicro’s HighjackThis free utility software to clean the computer registry. Unlike other registry scanner or reporting tool, HighjackThis doesn’t tell whether the setting is good or bad, safe or unsafe. It needs manual discretion to determine which entries need to be fixed or removed.

Analysis from the HighjackThis log report shows the following line related to tapi.nfo error.
F2 – REG:system.ini:Shell=Explorer.exe rundll32.exe tapi.nfo beforeglav
The solution done was to select the above line and have HighjackThis software fix the registry entry.

Restarting the Dell Optiplex 745 desktop computer after the above process have eliminated the Rundll popup “Error loading tapi.nfo. The specified module could not be found” during Windows XP startup. It was noted that the computer speed performance has improved dramatically.

Gauging the computer useability state, it is still functional to keep daily work needs of running MS Office Suite 2007, Quicken accounting software, and some photo editor software such as Adobe Photoshop CS Suite.

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