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Offshore Personnel Relocating Data Center to Colocation Facility Solution

Moving data center is not a joke and seldom does this happen in an IT manager’s life time. Migrating the data center to an outside location or co-location facility is although sometimes necessary. It’s a different situation than having a data center managed by off shore network engineers.

Data center migration could somehow be an exercise of setting up a new colocation facility as a result of data center expansion. Upgrade of network facilities is a good example. This is more of a planned project to establish colocation server in a location different from present premises.

This migration is termed as a server controlled disaster exercise. Every migration is not an easy task, but this one have lesser pressure as it normally doesn’t have direct impact on day to day business operation. But when data center migration is due to some unforeseen event, the amount of pressure is more.

Organizations that have outsourced data center management is in such a difficult situation when they have to relocate data center. Most likely outsource company does not envision data center migration scenario in their contract. Thus, even a small size data center with about 40 servers would difficult to relocate.

Outsourcing companies who don’t have ground people such as network infrastructure personnel or system administrators to cope up with such demand will have a hard time relocating servers. Thus, it would be better to seek professional data center colocation services which includes data management by professional network and system specialist.

Personally, I don’t advise having an offshore outsourced personnel as a solution to do some task such as data center migration. It’s suicidal. The experts are useless when their expertise and presence is needed. That’s exactly what is experienced by a sizable organization who relied on data center management by personnel offshore.

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