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Safely Share Production Data with Oracle Transparent Database Encryption Security Solution

Corporate data is an important asset of an organization of varying size. Computer security breach accompanied by data loss is too common event on several industries across the globe. There’s an ever increasing sophisticate computer attacks both from within and outside. Usually, suck attacks have resulted in loss of data accompanied by disruption of business operation.

Compliance to new government regulations are becoming a pressure for data security. DBA’s has a task to implement an encryption security solution which prevents outsider and non-privileged user from poking on corporate data. For example outsourcing management of production database with data should not expose guarded confidential corporate information.

It’s exciting to learn of Oracle’s Database Security Solution when it comes to database encryption. Not only is Oracle Maximum Security Architecture applicable to Oracle database, but it supports major database environments such as Microsoft SQL Server IBM DB2, and Sybase as well. The database security approach is to have an in-depth defense which is at same time provides both flexibility and transparency.

Latest Oracle Enterprise Manager will enable companies and organization to securely and confidently share production data without being concerned of data leaks and non-authorized access. There are two complimentary Oracle Database feature which works complimentary to each other the Transparent Database Encryption and Data Masking Pack.

Transparent Database Encryption encrypts and decrypts data stored on disk automatically while Data Masking Pack allows masking of sensitive data. The new database security features allows safe sharing of production data in compliance with privacy and confidentiality policies of the government.

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