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Oracle Adding User without Creating a Schema

Oracle database is the data storage choice for our web application. There were multiple Software Application Developers working on a particular application. A team of globally dispersed application team works on the same Oracle database.

There are times that I need to access data stored by particular software application on an Oracle schema. The problem is, the user credential I know don’t have any privilege to it. I can see the procedure, package declaration, but not the procedure content or package body detail.

Thus, I was considering of adding an Oracle database user and grant privileges to it. Every time a new user is added to an Oracle database a new schema is added with the same name as the user. But what I would like is to add the new user without creating a new schema. I was searching for a way to implement this, but as per Oracle database document this is really impossible.

Thus, every time you create an Oracle database user you’ll have to live with having a corresponding database schema created. There’s no other way around it. Oracle adding user without creating a schema is simply not possible.

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