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Module to install Oracle ODBC Driver from Oracle 9i Client Installer Version

Software applications are usually powered by database at the back-end. In our office we’ve got this light weight MS Access application with Oracle database. The software requires to access data from Oracle database management systems (DBMS) to execute various data query. The connectivity between the application and the database is through ODBC.

Oracle Client9i ODBC Driver Module

Oracle Client9i ODBC Driver Module

Most of our office desktop computer uses Microsoft Operating System like Windows XP or Windows 7. These operating systems comes with Microsoft ODBC Driver Manager. So, configuring ODBC connectivity is easy. The driver manager provides the connectivity between the MS Access ODBC application and an Oracle ODBC driver. There’s a good advantage for using ODBC applications as they do not need to be re-compiled whenever there’s a change of the back-end database management system say from Oracle database to MSSQL database.

There are different ODBC drivers for Oracle database available for use. One is Microsoft Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) Oracle driver which provides a common C programming interface for applications to access Oracle database. Another is an ODBC driver provided by Oracle itself. I prefer to use the Oracle ODBC Driver provided by Oracle to access to Oracle databases for applications written using the ODBC interface. A good thing for this driver is it introduces full support for .NET via the Microsoft ODBC .NET data provider. This simply means software applications developed can access the Oracle database from any .NET programming language.

I use Oracle 9i Client installer¬†version to install Oracle ODBC Driver. The module to install is Oracle Windows Interface which includes Windows specific products like ODBC, Oracle Objects for OLE, Microsoft Transaction Server, Performance Monitor, and more. To see the detail of the installed components “Show all components including required dependencies” should be selected.

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