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High-end Mobile Device Security Threats and Hacking are for Real

Internet Crime Complaint Center Mobile Device Threat Warning

Internet Crime Complaint Center Mobile Device Threat Warning

A new trend I’ve observed at work is “Bring Your Own Device”. You name it. Apple’s iPhone, iPad, different flavor of tablets and smartphones running Google’s Android OS. Let’s admit it. It’s really convenient to use a mobile device between home and work. Peoples personal and professional lives become more mixed and inseparable. This kind of scenario poses significant challenges to the corporate IT department.

In our case, it’s difficult to give support for several portable devices which our IT technicians don’t own. Moreover, how can we secure our internal networks and data from usage of a private mobile gadget? It becomes difficult to define which data are individual or corporate on personal devices. The adoption of own devices at the workplace is making mobile security threat as top priority.

FBI’s division on Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) has even issued a warning to users of smartphones running on specifically Android operating system. A wide range of the mobile device, such as iPhones, iPads, Blackberry and tons of other are not exempted of these threats. It’s only a matter of time when these problems surface on every internet ready device.

Gone are the days where malicious software, security or hacking threats are confined to computers or laptops only. Now, mobile device is increasingly attacked by cyber criminals as these devices have superseded laptop or desktop computer popularity. Furthermore, there are more and more valuable data are stored on smartphones and tablets, which make it a lucrative target. High-end mobile device security threats are for real, and everyone should be ready.

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