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Windows 8 Jinitiator Support for Oracle ERP Application

Oracle ERP are some of the most important applications we have at work. Mostly Oracle E-Business Suite financial modules are being used. We’ve been running Oracle 5.7.11 applications, but would like to use newer operating systems from Microsoft. The offices are using Windows operating system with corporate license which makes it easy for IT support to upgrade to newer operating system versions.

The biggest stumbling block in upgrading to newer operating systems like Windows 7 or Windows 8 are is the support for running Oracle ERP Applications. A lot of people are experiencing issues in working with Jinitiator. Some were having problems with jinitiator on Windows 7. Installing Jinitiator was without problems but every time applications are opened with browser (IE or Firefox) it hangs and close with error. Using compatibility mode (XP with SP3) is a hit and miss on some occasion with various browsers.

Oracle JInitiator last version 1.3 was desupported for EBS customer’s way back in July 2009. It was recommended to use the standard Sun JRE as per Oracle page below:

There’s clearly no coming support for Jinitiator for Windows 7 or Windows 8. It would be a major change for those facing the issue of using legacy Oracle EBS applications and newer Microsoft Windows operating system.

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