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One of The Best Affordable Cloud Storage Available Microsoft OneDrive

A lot of us have collected online a stockpile of an immense amounts of photographs, music & video recordings, and other files for archives.

Putting all those software and media files in one place online is the practical thing to do for accessibility from different locations.  This is called placing files in the cloud where you don’t need to be stressed over by which machine they’re on or whether they’re up and running or not. They’re literally accessible on any gadget from anyplace. Thus, there’s little need to be stressed over losing them if one of those gadgets goes down.

The main challenge is to select the best online storage available out of the numerous cloud providers ranging from Microsoft, Apple, Google and others. Deciding upon which is a good fit for your current needs is mind boggling.

The main consideration usually is cost in my case. Thus, when it comes to the most affordable option, Microsoft OneDrive is on the top of the list. It offers very cheap storage. More over it is coupled with free office suite software application like MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint and other productivity apps which is very useful in day to day work.

Microsoft One Drive is available at 1 TB storage which seems to be an excessive amount of capacity for an individual user for only $7 monthly fee. Also, Microsoft likewise offers a 50 GB storage space for $2 every month.  In the event that one prefers not to pay for distributed storage by any means, Microsoft have a 5 GB of free space.

After due consideration, Microsoft OneDrive comes as the best fit for Cloud Storage for personal use.


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