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Free Visual Studio Community Software as Professional

Programmers have a variety of tools available to choose from. Some of the best tools allows for a programmer to use it on different operating systems and it’s also for free.

That’s what Visual Studio Community computer software is all about. A rich, integrated development environment for creating applications for Windows, iOS, and Android. It can also be used as well in modern web applications and cloud services.

Previously programmers are faced between two flavors, Visual Studio Premium and Professional, but the good news is for those who long to use the tool is it was replaced by Visual Studio Community. The Visual Studio Community version is not a trial version, nor an Express-style narrowly limited product, but it is the same as Visual Studio Professional. The only exception is that it doesn’t include CodeLens feature. No need for product key as it is activated through a Microsoft Account.

Visual Studio Community 2015 is a free, full-featured IDE with highlighting, coding components, cross-stage portable features that can be used for Windows, Android, and iOS for web and cloud implementations. In short, this version of Visual Studio is accessible for nothing for individual designers, scholastic exploration, open source improvement, training and more.

It’s a programmers bonus to have Visual Studio Community as a software tool in accomplishing day to day task.

Download Visual Studio Community Software:

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