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tonyHave you got any idea of a computer techie or computer geek? This guy is different, you’ll notice him immediately from the crowd as a friendly, smiling, approachable fellow – an outgoing person who:

  • believes that life should be lived in a balanced way and enjoyed every bit of it
  • likes to explore and learn new things
  • spends time to discover the gifts that are yet to be unraveled by the Creator.

His life interests are very wide ranging from science to religion, tinkering computers to baking, tennis to rubik’s cube, singing and playing musical instruments to dancing. His weekly activity is so full that you can find him doing computer hardware or computer software stuff on late nights, otherwise he is playing tennis, exercising in the gym, joining dancing sessions or playing the guitar. On top of all, he is involved in community service too.

The blog site, is a personal journal of some of the learnings and encounters that he has had while working in the IT (Information Technology) field for almost 10 years now, serving as trainer on seminars, technical support, helpdesk officer, programmer, Web Application Developer and currently as System Analyst Programmer of AIT.

He’s not really a Professional Blogger, but he tries to follow the footsteps of those who have encouraged him to blog – langga (digital camera photography blog), dazeee (rainydazeee personal blog), carey (happy steps travel blog) and not to forget mom (the lighter side) for constant reminder of English grammar. He’s very grateful to all of them for he won’t be in this blogosphere were it not for them.

A complex matter to explain so better meet Tony in person!

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