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02 Jul

Lost or Missing Google Adsense Check from Making Money Online

Making money online with the use blog is a way of living for some. Blog is a powerful advertisement medium that attracts advertisers for a particular niche. The blog could earn both active income and passive income. Active income could come from writing posts, placing links, banners for advertisers while passive income could come from […]

27 Dec

Online Font Search Software by Image

Website redesign tasks are some of things needed in re branding. There are cases where some specific font is desired, but the font is only available from a graphic image. Finding the font type face from a graphic image is one of the challenges in website design. Searching from the available list of fonts from […]

15 Dec

WAMPSERVER 2.2 Apache Server Won’t Start in Windows 7 Home Basic

Update of WordPress Themes is needed from time to time to keep the website upbeat with the latest web design trends. Editing WordPress Themes is better done locally. After the changes are as expected it could be uploaded to replace the old WordPress Theme. Thus, it is deemed that a WordPress blog platform installation on […]

06 Oct

WampServer Reduce Internet Bandwidth for Custom WordPress Theme

It’s time to change the blog theme when it looks boring after sometime. I am lucky to use WordPress blog platform which allows easy change of themes. The problem, I encounter is the time and bandwidth required to customize and select the right theme. Continuous trial and error to see how a new blog theme […]

18 Jul

Third Party Website Portal Project User Comments and Forum System Solution

It was all in a day’s work of a regular IT specialist. My manager got an email, which inquired about the possibility of creating a website portal for a higher-education institution. I was instructed to meet the client for this important opportunity of starting a new project. The basic requirements should be understood fully for […]

05 Jun

How to Keep Up with Decline in Online Revenue

The internet produced a new breed of entrepreneurs. There are lot’s of people now making money online. My sisters who encouraged me to go into blogging are making a decent amount of money online. Like any other form of generating an income, making money from the internet is as well affected by the world economy. […]

04 Mar

How to Cope Up with Google Algorithm Updates that Devalued a Website

Making the web search experience as accurate as possible is to free the Internet of crappy websites. Google the mother of search engines have done a major update on its algorithm. The purpose is to penalize content farms or websites that are lower quality content. This is kind of task is a difficulty thing to […]

04 Feb

Free Web Hosting Service to Start Blogging with WordPress Blog

Building a website has more or less become essential in a wired world. There’s a thriving number of internet savvy generation. Subscribing to a social networking such as Myspace or Facebook or initiating a blog has become a well known track for getting an easy internet presence. Any individual or business that aspires to succeed […]

21 Jul

Keyword Search Volume an Important Internet Marketing Factor

I usually get questions about effective website monetization and Internet marketing. Last month, a cousin have created a niche website about guitar playing. As most new blogger always do, it was hosted on a popular free web hosting site like or In this case, it was on WordPress blog platform which is […]

14 Jul

Website Easy Bookmark and Sharing Button Increase SEO Visibility

Web search engines have been a major force in providing relevant content. It’s been a dream of most web content provider to land on the top of search engine result pages. That’s investments on search engine submissions and SEO analytic as a marketing tool have grown. Tools that show the popularity of a website such […]