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25 Jun

Module to install Oracle ODBC Driver from Oracle 9i Client Installer Version

Software applications are usually powered by database at the back-end. In our office we’ve got this light weight MS Access application with Oracle database. The software requires to access data from Oracle database management systems (DBMS) to execute various data query. The connectivity between the application and the database is through ODBC. Most of our […]

21 May

Oracle Adding User without Creating a Schema

Oracle database is the data storage choice for our web application. There were multiple Software Application Developers working on a particular application. A team of globally dispersed application team works on the same Oracle database. There are times that I need to access data stored by particular software application on an Oracle schema. The problem […]

13 Mar

Oracle PL/SQL Developer ORA-01795 maximum number of expressions in a list is 1000 Error

Database query and PL/SQL programming are a daily grind for PL/SQL developers takes care of total software development process. There are times that database information needs to be extracted from a table for a report or a particular application software module. This is the scenario common to all who’s familiar on working with Oracle database […]

06 Mar

Safely Share Production Data with Oracle Transparent Database Encryption Security Solution

Corporate data is an important asset of an organization of varying size. Computer security breach accompanied by data loss is too common event on several industries across the globe. There’s an ever increasing sophisticate computer attacks both from within and outside. Usually, suck attacks have resulted in loss of data accompanied by disruption of business […]

25 Sep

How to Check the Available Database Links in Oracle

It is another surprise at work when strange thing happen on a web based financial software application which fetches data from Oracle ERP system. The web application that was created with Oracle PL/SQL has a feature to search easily data from ERP system without using the Oracle ERP Java Application. The web application was running […]

01 Sep

OTN Developer Days Oracle 11g Database, System Root, Oracle Enterprise Manager Password

Virtual Machines are very convenient in IT training and learning. In the study of Oracle Database 11g, I use the Oracle VM VirtualBox Manager. The virtualization software can be downloaded for free from the Oracle website. It takes time to install Oracle Database even on a virtualized system. Thus, it’s better to use the OTN […]

10 Jun

SQL Command to Show Oracle Physical File Location

Oracle database is a primary server which needs administration and close monitoring. There are instances where a copy or a backup is restored on a different computer for backup integrity verification. A backup requires a snapshot of a data file, table space, or database at a specific time. In cases where the database data backup […]

07 Jun

Oracle database shutdown immediate hung up

Users complain of exceed process limit error from our web application. The cause of the error was traced back to the Oracle database. There might be a spurt of web application connection that caused the processes limit to be exceeded. The processes limit was adjusted to a higher value of 1000 from the existing 175. […]

20 Apr

Oracle Linux TNS-12541: TNS:no listener and TNS-12560: TNS:protocol adapter error

Debugging of Oracle ERP Applications are dangerous to do on production servers. Thus, Oracle testing environments are pretty important for system administrator work. A separate clone Oracle database server with Oracle ERP Application running is a must for worry free debugging and testing. At work RedHat Enterprise Linux kernel version 2.4.9-e.62 host both the Oracle […]

21 Mar

Check Oracle Database Version and Release Number in Linux

IT support has no borders. It spans across countries and continents. Our development team was from India which supports application. As a sysdba, I was asked some information about our Oracle Database running Redhat Linux. Specifically, they would like to know the Oracle Database version and release number. It’s needed somehow to recreate the application […]