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18 Aug

Error ssh: connect to host port 22: Connection refused

Have you ever encountered trying to connect remotely to an old Red Hat Linux release 7.3 (Valhalla) server via SSH, but is bugged by the error: ssh: connect to host port 22: Connection refused. Well it seems like it pertains to IP tables of the server as the primary suspect. I checked the IP […]

29 Aug

Setting Linux CentOS 7.2 Date Timezone

A correct date time in a newly installed server is important, but it’s overlooked sometimes until it cause some strange problems in synchronization of data between servers. Here’s a simple guide to remember in setting Linux CentOS 7.2 date timezone. Check the current date/timezone: # date Thu Aug 25 02:42:13 UTC 2016 Check available timezone: […]

02 Feb

Centos 6.7 could not retrieve mirrorlist pycurl error 77 SSL CA cert problem

Upgrading software sometimes could be a challenging experience. Login as root in Centos 6.7, a simple “yum -y update” command stalled. The error thrown was it Could not retrieve the mirrorlist from webtatic and could not find the base URL for the repository. It also indicated some pycurl error about SSL CA certificate. Now, I […]

03 Nov

Install Linux Container (LXC) in Oracle Linux 6.4

Virtualization solutions offers a popular solution for our work use in beta testing applications and system installation. I’ve encountered Linux Containers or LXC which is something relatively new which is a hybrid of chroot and full virtual machine. LXC is a userspace interface for the Linux kernel containment features. Through a powerful API and simple […]

27 Oct

Linux Zpanel KFM Module Increase File Upload Limit

Zpanel web hosting manager includes a lot of installable module. I find Kae’s File Manager module to be very useful. The default upload file size seems to be limited to 2Mb. Thus, it needs to be configured to allow bigger file uploads. The way to increase KFM module file upload limit is to edit the […]

22 Jun

Linux Sudo Copy File Preserve Permission Date Stamp

A simple day to day task in using a computer such as copying a file could be daunting in a new environment. Well a friend new to Linux operating system is blown away with such a task. A person who is accustomed to GUI (Graphic User Interface) environment like MS Windows operating system freaks out. […]

23 Feb

Notepad++ Word Count in Status Bar Missing

There’s a lot of text editor software choice available. A cool open source software for editing text is Notepad++. This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation. What I and others “missing” is the word […]

09 Sep

Full Backup Speed over Network and local USB External Hard Disk Backup

Reducing the time required to run full backups is a challenge to Linux administrators. There are commercial backup software, which does full backup and incremental backup. A faster data backup solution at a fraction of time needed compared to traditional full backup method is much desirable. Both commercial backup software and open source backup software […]

05 Jan

Official Samsung Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab Ice Cream Sandwich Upgrade

Google’s Ice Cream Sandwich the latest version of Android operating system is making way to major tablet computer and smartphone. Many Samsung mobile device users have been anticipating an upgrade for Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab which belong to 2010’s top devices. Anyone with those devices are clamoring for an upgrade to Android 4.0. Users […]

21 Jan

Opening MS 2007 Email Attachments in Firefox Internet Browser

Internet emails are a fast way of communication. I receive lots of emails everyday and some of which have some office documents attached. I am not fond of the POP3 email client program such as MS Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, and many others. I stick with the old web based email interface using the Firefox internet […]