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23 Sep

Data Backup on External 3TB USB Hard Drive Problem

Making some backup is a must for any organization or business. Mail data accumulated over time could be very massive. I’ve run into such occasion where email data of more than 2TB needs to be back up. The easier choice is to do the data backup on an external hard drive. Backup media really depends […]

20 Jan

Technology shows and conferences for IT professionals

IT professionals update themselves with the latest in technology news, trends, standards, practices, products and inventions by participating in technology conferences and forums. For instance, the recently concluded International CES 2011 at Las Vegas drew a crowd of international attendees, technology companies and top CEOs for keynotes. An event such as this makes IT engineers […]

19 Jan

Proper posture for computer users is important

If your work involves computer programming or software development, you will most likely devote much time seated at the laptop and the way you are doing this tends to have effects on your own health and fitness plus your productiveness. Proper computer posture is crucial if you wish to live a lengthy, healthful and pain-free […]

14 Jan

Internet Fraud Scam Email Need Help

The problem of the Internet becoming as a tool for malware authors, spammers, and phishers could not be denied. As social networking gains more popularity cases of email scam, Internet fraud, identity theft and a lot more are getting prevalent. I got even a surprising email this morning from a friend who asked a huge […]

13 Oct

Web Hosting and Web Design Home Based Business

Real entrepreneur has the guts to do the business, even if everything seems at odds. As the economy goes awry and job security has passed. Companies from left to right started laying off workers and outsourcing. I’ve got no choice, but to start looking for anew business opportunity which is home based. Since, I am […]

25 Jul

Managing Small Computer Business Accounts

News of recession, outsourcing, downsizing which affects even big IT companies are really disturbing. Thinking ahead of a way to support myself when this kind of scenario come is important. Aside from the regular work, I plan to open up a computer training and consulting business. Something in the lines of software or web applications […]

25 Jul

Top Internet News Website

There are many news website on the Internet; people have different opinions on every site. If you want to know what others think of the hottest Internet news and information website, you’ll probably need to visit talkreviews site. The site features a list of the top news and information website and allows user to air […]

28 Jun

NCETC 2008 – Unlocking the Power of Technology in 21st Century Schools

Technology have been changing so fast in the 21st Century. It could not be denied that educators have played an important role in technology development. For those in the education field, it’s worth noting of gatherings that further promote awareness of technology in educational system. I have read of nonprofit corporation like the North Carolina […]

05 Jan

Programmer’s Wish List, Donation, Sponsorship a Compensation Scheme?

The open source community brought about great talents and good software. How does an open source project especially a small sized one gets on going without any funding? I was looking into various projects in and the list numerous. I have seen that the trend for an open source programmer to get something out […]

05 Jan

Bringing Internet Technology to Remote Areas

Speaking of remote areas one might think immediately of jumping on into those hunting boots and marvel to the dense jungle rainforest trees. People are lured with the beauty and the thrill of visiting dense jungles of Asia or Africa. Progress in this areas are very limited. Internet might be able to change this situation. […]