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30 Sep

Fixing Windows XP Startup Rundll Error Loading Tapi.nfo

Computer performance is an important factor for a user. I was called to check a Dell OptiPlex 745 desktop computer which reported to be a slow computer. The computer has a Core 2 Duo processor with Windows XP operating system. There is much power under the hood of Dell OptiPlex 745 to cope up the […]

17 Nov

Speed Up Windows XP Slow Computer Performance

Slow Windows XP computer booting, strange PC errors and frequent computer crashes are annoying things most people experience. Users frequently complain about computer seems slower than it used to be. It happened to me also. My Acer Aspire One, after a year is slower than it was new from the shop. There might be a […]

08 Dec

Fix Computer Slowdown with WinASO Registry Optimizer

In a couple of years of using your computer, you tend to accumulate both useful and non useful computer applications. You install and uninstall programs, unknowingly you are creating corrupted data causing your computer to slowdown. Most of the time it is affecting the system’s registry performance. So you need a software to fix computer […]

01 Jun

Installing Virtual Application Software calls for Computer Memory Upgrade

Newer computer software applications demands more computing hardware resource. Especially, if you want to run multiple operating system by setting up Virtual Machines on your computer. Before a 2GB of computer memory is enough to run Windows Vista, but the as programs are loaded everything seems to be not enough. For a desktop computer running […]

20 May

Solution to Heat Problems in Computer Server Room and Data Centers

The demand is increasing for faster computer servers with enhanced applications. I could see an ever increasing processing speed, data storage, power needs, and cooling requirements which goes with new technology on computer servers. These poses some cooling problem on computer servers or data centers. All of these factors combined could generate more heat than […]

15 May

Office Desktop Computer Low Memory Problem Decreases Productivity

Have you experienced waiting very long time for your desktop computer to respond on keyboard input or mouse clicks? Alternatively, say it takes time to load Windows XP during start up. This kind of things is annoying, time killer, and makes one crazy at work. I have observed that slow response of desktop computer decreases […]

03 May

Unknown Device Slows Windows XP Computer Start Up

I have encountered on many occasion of “unknown device driver” error on a fresh install of Windows XP on a desktop computer. This error is common on computer repairs which is kind of annoying as there is no sure way of knowing which device driver to install. The error doesn’t identify whether the unknown device […]

29 Mar

Delete Windows XP NTUSER.DAT File Free Up Disk Space

Windows XP system automatically pops up a window which informs the user that the disk space is running low. Low disk space left is a probable cause of computer slowing down. The reason could be that the system is creating some temporary files on the hard disk and there’s no more space available. I have […]

28 Mar

Windows XP Could Not Open Known File Extension

Computers with fresh installed Windows operating system are smooth running at the start. Any change on the registry file by adding and removing program files is not immediately visible. There are studies that majority of computer system errors or instability is caused by corrupt or missing registry entries. If left unchecked and corrected, these registry […]

27 Mar

Fixing Windows Computer Slow Down due to Registry File Conflicts

Often users of Windows System complain that their relatively high end computer which runs on 2.4GHz with 2GB RAM is crawling after only months of use. I don’t know if you have experienced the same for your computer. I have observed that as time goes by computer runs slower and crashes more. There are several […]