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18 Mar

Free Performance Monitoring Tool for SQL Server Databases

Database servers are an important aspect of any network of computer system. We have like several database servers running in our institute with each having a specific application. MSSQL Database is one of those important database servers that we have as it houses news bulletin data, old student and alumni data, and it acts as […]

23 Feb

Windows XP Cleaning Unused Computer Software and Applications

Trial software testing is a common and usual thing to do. The Internet is a good source of tons of freeware software for download. Whenever I need a particular software, I could easily search, download, install and test the software before investing some money on it. It’s very important to see whether the software is […]

05 Feb

Corrupted PHP Zend Component caused Decreased Apache/PHP Performance

Upgrades are important part of maintaining and streamlining a web hosting service. I have left my previous web hosting service due to unreliable performance. Frequent downtime happens without any advance announcement or information. I thought that changing web hosting provider would spare me from downtime troubles. Anyway, my web hosting provider for has been […]

11 Jan

Windows XP Slow After Installing Windows Vista Transformation Pack

Windows XP is the main operating system which I use at the office. This is because most of the programs and applications we have need Windows XP to run. I could not have the newer interface which Windows Vista has due to this work requirement. Trying some Windows Vista VistaMizer transformation pack for Windows XP […]

07 Dec

Common Computer and Notebook Check-up Service List

Desktop Computer and Notebook need to have regular check-up to make it run in full capacity and reliability. There are various checks to maintain the health of the computer system and the data stored. I have noted some regular maintenance program for a desktop computer or a notebook computer. Common Desktop Computer and Notebook Service […]

22 Nov

Google’s Matt Cutts a Glimpse of SEO Changes in 2009

The year end is coming soon and there are lots of buzz in the Search Engine Optimization circles. This was basically due to one SEO guru’s claim in PubCon 2008 that “Ranking is Dead“. There’s a lot of uncovered reason behind and it would be interesting to note all of these. What is more interesting […]

14 Nov

Apple’s Mac Parallels Desktop 4.0 Virtualization Software Released

Desktop virtualization technology allows people to run different operating system (OS) than the native OS of the computer. Virtualization software has allowed me to run multiple Linux OS instance in Windows XP. I was not successful with having Mac OS X on a Windows XP base. That’s one of the things I still look forward […]

13 Nov

Windows XP SP3 Map Drive Error – the drive could not be mapped because no network was found

Sharing resources across different location is the beauty of networked computer. The Local Area Network (LAN) is very useful in file sharing. We have a Microsoft Windows 2000 file server where our client server applications, working files and other source files are stored. This allows consolidated storage of all the files. Network drive mapping is […]

16 Oct

Brands And Relevance Essential In Increasing Search Engine PageRanks

The new wave of constant change in Google’s PageRank (PR) has hit websites hard. Content publishers are clamoring foul on this. Nobody is pretty sure what is behind slapping of PageRank. I have seen good sites that drop in PR without seemingly any reason at all, but not so fast. Reading the Internet headlines one […]

25 Sep

Crawling Windows Enhance Perfomance With Utility Software

Turning on your computer after a weekend rest sometimes comes with surprises. That’s what happened to my office mate’s computer. The IBM Netvista P4 1.8 GHz and RAM 1.00 GB that was running fast was now crawling. Have you ever experienced long waits for loading Windows desktop on a computer? Well, before that everything works […]