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16 Nov

One of The Best Affordable Cloud Storage Available Microsoft OneDrive

A lot of us have collected online a stockpile of an immense amounts of photographs, music & video recordings, and other files for archives. Putting all those software and media files in one place online is the practical thing to do for accessibility from different locations.  This is called placing files in the cloud where […]

31 Oct

High-end Mobile Device Security Threats and Hacking are for Real

A new trend I’ve observed at work is “Bring Your Own Device”. You name it. Apple’s iPhone, iPad, different flavor of tablets and smartphones running Google’s Android OS. Let’s admit it. It’s really convenient to use a mobile device between home and work. Peoples personal and professional lives become more mixed and inseparable. This kind […]

21 Oct

Removing and Clearing Formats in MS Word 2003 versus MS Word 2010

Microsoft Word is widely used word processing application software of the MS Office Suite. It has many features that make writing documents easier and interesting because of the ability to create charts and insert pictures. In addition, a common task in MS Word application software is to format text. Formatting Toolbar can be used conveniently […]

17 Oct

Digital Camera Workshops Guarantees Better Holiday Photos

A digital camera to capture and store photographs electronically has become a necessity when going on a holiday. I could not imagine someone going on a vacation without tagging along a camera. Somehow there’s something missing without it. I guess everyone would like to share their experience or keep a remembrance of their trip. Worst […]

10 Oct

ColdFusion Format Number String

Number output of ColdFusion web application sometimes needs formatting. It was requested by an office mate to format the number separated by a comma for readability. The comma, (“,”) separates every third decimal place of a comma, and it is also referred to as the thousands separator. ColdFusion syntax for number format: #NumberFormat( 123456789, “,” […]

21 Feb

Rebuilding Data Center Infrastructure from Scratch a Challenge

Rebuilding IT data center infrastructure from some uncontrolled event is a challenge for IT support companies. This is the case especially when data center is remote manage by outsource IT support team. The effect on the business is tremendous due to work disruption and down time. IT manager could plan on something general, but lots […]

19 Dec

Interactive 3D TV Home Theater at International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2012

International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is a big trade show event to watch as latest technology being showcased. Manufacturers reveal electronic products that provide the consumer some glimpse of innovative trends in technology for the year. This event is also packed with several trade show promotions that catch consumers. Among the things of interest in […]

14 Oct

Offshore Personnel Relocating Data Center to Colocation Facility Solution

Moving data center is not a joke and seldom does this happen in an IT manager’s life time. Migrating the data center to an outside location or co-location facility is although sometimes necessary. It’s a different situation than having a data center managed by off shore network engineers. Data center migration could somehow be an […]

21 Jul

Smartphone and Mobile Internet Device Web Applications Development Software

It could not be denied that there’s an ever increasing volume of smartphone and mobile internet devices being sold. When I travel around the city, I could observe that even students on lower grades have a smart phone. The constant surge of new models of smartphone and mobile internet device is evidence of the pace […]

04 Jul

Smartphone Nokia E52 Copy and Paste Browsed Webpage

Smartphones have matured a lot, but it’s amazing to note that some of the features are still limited. I have a Nokia E2 smartphone which is very useful for browsing web pages due to the 3G and WiFi access capability. A feature of the smartphone which comes handy is connectivity to the internet. I could […]