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08 May

Upgrade of Internet Connectivity Inside Higher Education Campus

In a higher education campus, Internet connection is a much sought after service. I believe that Internet plays an important role in the day to day life in the campus. Internet has been a great source of information for academic purposes and entertainment as well. Due to the increasing demand the aging internet infrastructure which […]

24 Feb

Jailbreaking iPhone and iPad Offers more Online Gaming Software Choice

Apple iPhone and iPad are the latest craze in mobile gadgets. People are lining up to get hold of the tech gizmo. A war of smartphones evolved when iPhone was released. Later the tablet war followed when iPad hit market. There are many contenders that come up with features far better than iPhone or iPad, […]

15 Feb

Online Social Networks Game Developer of FarmVille, Mafia Wars, Zynga Poker Raised Valued to $9 Billion

Online gaming on social networking sites is a major hit. You will discover that there’s a documented study in CNN which notes the impact social networks. The report mentions nearly 60 Million users are found to engage in social media online games. It would appear that online social networks have grown to be a whole […]

03 Feb

Software Application Development IT Service Outsourcing

Offshore IT outsourcing occurs when a business hires external contractors to complete work for them. The popularity of IT outsourcing is growing mainly because of cost savings. Another key factor of increasing IT service outsourcing trend is the chance to free up internal resources and focus on core activities. The need for large IT outsourcing […]

02 Feb

Smartphone Mobile Device Features for Online Poker Games

Mobile Internet devices such as PDA’s and smart phones are gaining popularity around the world. I see more than a dozen variety of portable Internet gadget on a walk around shopping malls. Smart phones has become a portable PC alternative for many active people. A smartphone device could be used for usual business productivity such […]

25 Jan

LG Optimus 2x Fast Android Smart Phone

Mobile phone technology is developing fast. Smart phones have been growing swift at an unbelievable rate over the year, but they still account for only around a third of all phones in the US. A monthly visit to a nearby IT shopping center would reveal a new smart phone model. The latest one that caught […]

06 Dec

Advantages of Laptop Notebook Keyboard Cover Skin Protective Film

The environment is a main factor for determining the condition of a computer laptop or netbook. Thus, keeping a laptop computer in top condition from the daily use requires extra care. An important laptop computer care is with the use of a keyboard protective film. A notebook keyboard cover made of soft touch silicone material […]

28 Nov

Earn Online by Selling Products and Services with Internet Shopping Carts

Internet has made access to global business market fast. Big business names like eBay, Amazon, Yahoo, Google, and many other smaller businesses are finding e-commerce as an effective way for selling products or services online. Some misconception on online business is the need of dedicated server or expensive web hosting services. On the contrary, it’s […]

27 Nov

HP dv6tse 15.6″ Laptop Black Friday 2010 Online Discount Sale

Black Friday is important day to do lot’s of online and offline shopping. Since, it’s not really nice to be caught up in the crowd of people. I prefer online shopping where I could get the same huge discounts on lots of products less the hassle. Knowing what you need to buy in advance is […]

25 Nov

International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS) 2010

Information technology is a vast industry where it involves the use of computers and software to manage information. There’s a growing demand for IT specialist. In our work, the information technology unit is responsible for storing information, protecting information, processing the information, transmitting the information, or retrieving information whenever required. IT professionals usually are tasked […]