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02 Feb

Centos 6.7 could not retrieve mirrorlist pycurl error 77 SSL CA cert problem

Upgrading software sometimes could be a challenging experience. Login as root in Centos 6.7, a simple “yum -y update” command stalled. The error thrown was it Could not retrieve the mirrorlist from webtatic and could not find the base URL for the repository. It also indicated some pycurl error about SSL CA certificate. Now, I […]

17 Nov

Free Visual Studio Community Software as Professional

Programmers have a variety of tools available to choose from. Some of the best tools allows for a programmer to use it on different operating systems and it’s also for free. That’s what Visual Studio Community computer software is all about. A rich, integrated development environment for creating applications for Windows, iOS, and Android. It […]

05 Jun

Infor ERP alternative to Oracle E-Business Suite

Enterprise Resource Planning software is one of the important applications widely used in offices. Oracle E-Business Suite (Oracle ERP) is also among the popular ERP applications together with SAP. Recently though I’ve encountered a new ERP application from Infor. The Chief Executive Officer of Infor is Oracle’s Charles Phillips who was the former President of […]

20 Apr

Windows 8 Jinitiator Support for Oracle ERP Application

Oracle ERP are some of the most important applications we have at work. Mostly Oracle E-Business Suite financial modules are being used. We’ve been running Oracle 5.7.11 applications, but would like to use newer operating systems from Microsoft. The offices are using Windows operating system with corporate license which makes it easy for IT support […]

20 Jan

Prevent Data Loss with Timely Hard Disk Checking

Cranking sound from laptop during startup is a sign of an impending disaster. Well it’s true, if the sound comes from the hard disk. I bought an Aspire S3 laptop computer as it’s handy for travel. Very sleek design and light. Everyday, I have it with me going to office and back home. I just […]

19 Dec

Acer TravelMate Laptop Synaptics Touchpad Does Not Allow Click or Double Tap

Strange things do happen every now and then on my laptop. I have done some upgrades on security patches and software and noticed that the Synaptics touchpad does not work properly. Usually, a tap on the touchpad is equivalent to a left click on the mouse and a double tap would be equivalent to a […]

07 Oct

Main Benefits of Using ERP Financial Management Software

ERP software is a comprehensive suite of integrated application that helps organizations or businesses in making better decision, increase efficiency and reduce cost. The financial management module of ERP offers solution that enables complete financial control and reporting processess. Three main benefits of ERP financial management software: Efficiency Control Visibility & Performance I have observed that […]

23 Sep

Data Backup on External 3TB USB Hard Drive Problem

Making some backup is a must for any organization or business. Mail data accumulated over time could be very massive. I’ve run into such occasion where email data of more than 2TB needs to be back up. The easier choice is to do the data backup on an external hard drive. Backup media really depends […]

16 Sep

Overcoming Virtualized Datacenter Patch Management and Vulnerability Exploits Problem

I should say that virtualization is at the heart of every modern data center. It is considered of importance which made it included in design of computer servers. Computer construction from the chip level is created with virtualization technology integrated. The improvement in hardware prevents reduction of performance penalties due to virtualization. Thus, it’s really […]

09 Sep

Full Backup Speed over Network and local USB External Hard Disk Backup

Reducing the time required to run full backups is a challenge to Linux administrators. There are commercial backup software, which does full backup and incremental backup. A faster data backup solution at a fraction of time needed compared to traditional full backup method is much desirable. Both commercial backup software and open source backup software […]