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05 Dec

Nokia E52 Hard Reset and Format Phone to Factory Settings

Brand new phones are flooding the market now. There are lots of choices available, but I am stuck with Nokia E52 phone. It’s very handy and works akin to a smart phone. It has some Wi-Fi and 3G capability which is a basic thing required for internet connectivity. I could browse the internet with Opera […]

07 Nov

Key Benefits of Mobile Device Security Enterprise Solution

Internet it almost available anywhere with 3G feature available in most mobile devices. Also, most work place is littered with WiFi access point. As a result, I’ve observed that people tend to more and more use mobile devices both for personal or work use. This scenario brings a new challenge to secure data accessed from […]

04 Nov

Business Improvement Ideas in IT Technology

Increasing business growth in rough times sometimes pushes executives to look into IT area for improvements and cost reduction. Thus, there is an increase in demand for new IT technology which able to bring savings and operation improvement. McKinsey Global Survey shows that about 25% of executives both IT and non-IT agree on IT based […]

24 Oct

Apple iPad Mini’s Price is Right

Apple’s iPad Mini is now out in the market. Apple marketing guru Phil Schiller announced that the iPad Mini would begin at $329 for the 16 GB Wi-Fi model. Since the first launch of iPad in 2012, Apple is under pressure to defend its dominant position in the tablet market. Its target is to fight […]

17 Oct

Digital Camera Workshops Guarantees Better Holiday Photos

A digital camera to capture and store photographs electronically has become a necessity when going on a holiday. I could not imagine someone going on a vacation without tagging along a camera. Somehow there’s something missing without it. I guess everyone would like to share their experience or keep a remembrance of their trip. Worst […]

14 Oct

Best Portable Device for Instagram Photo Application Software

The mobile devices flood the market month after months. Sleek gadgets with faster processor speed, bigger memory, larger storage capacity, and the list could go on. It’s a dull experience having these portable devices without the complementing application software. The right application software is also essential to maximize its potential usability. For photo enthusiasts, a […]

12 Aug

Cloud Computing Business Value

In recent years, application software installed on individual computers is getting replaced by some application software running on the networked computer servers. Thus, cloud computing has become a model in which employees access computer resources similar to Google Apps office suite. There is what is coined as software as a service like ERP software available […]

28 Jul

iPhone Contacts Management Tool

Most iPhone users would prefer to backup phonebook contacts to ensure data safety in case of phone breakdown or accidental loss. The best way is to use a contacts management tool that provides features such as import/export or transfer iPhone contacts, share contacts with other address books programs, e.g. Outlook, or mobile OS such as […]

23 Jun

Satellite Internet Better than DSL

With so many telecommunication service providers these days, applying for an internet connection is easy. However, there is the question of speed and reliability which most subscribers consider a priority when choosing a provider. Most households have wired, i.e. DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) or cable, connections for the internet but sometimes subscribers experience down time, […]

22 Jun

Samsung Smartphone Galaxy S III Real Apple Challenger

Keeping up with the latest in smartphone technology is a tricky situation. I have a very handy Nokia E52 with both Wifi and 3G, but is not a touch screen. Thus, I keep on looking for a better alternative. Samsung’s Galaxy S III smartphone have arrived following a long wait and just as rumored; it […]