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19 Dec

Acer TravelMate Laptop Synaptics Touchpad Does Not Allow Click or Double Tap

Strange things do happen every now and then on my laptop. I have done some upgrades on security patches and software and noticed that the Synaptics touchpad does not work properly. Usually, a tap on the touchpad is equivalent to a left click on the mouse and a double tap would be equivalent to a […]

21 Aug

Hiren’s Boot CD Free Download Link Not Working

Securely discard data from old computer hard disk is an important task. A thorough check needs to be done of the presence of sensitive information. Important data leaks should be avoided by properly discarding data. A Pentium 4 2.8 GHz, 512 MB RAM memory computer was readied for decommissioning from the office. The computer runs […]

13 Jul

Computer Security Software Firm Reveals Danger of Windows Gadgets and Sidebars

Microsoft Windows operating system opens a computer security risk built-in with the OS starting with Windows Vista due to the flashy little mini-application called Gadgets or Sidebars. Other software developer company like Apple or Yahoo has similar desktop application and it’s called Widgets. It looks like a larger version of animated icon which floats around […]

25 Jun

Module to install Oracle ODBC Driver from Oracle 9i Client Installer Version

Software applications are usually powered by database at the back-end. In our office we’ve got this light weight MS Access application with Oracle database. The software requires to access data from Oracle database management systems (DBMS) to execute various data query. The connectivity between the application and the database is through ODBC. Most of our […]

18 Mar

Windows 7 Home Premium Control Panel Icons for Helpdesk Support Technician

A 24 hour computer helpdesk call center is available for companies and businesses that have their IT support outsourced. Desktop computer issues regarding system configuration and software application are common. In an office where most desktop computer is running on Windows 7 operating system request for assistance is a challenging task for helpdesk support. A […]

26 Feb

Check for Windows 7 Home Premium Default Domain

IT training invitation from major companies like Oracle, Microsoft, Dell, VMware, and more come once in a while. A session on Oracle Database training which involves setup of database security parameter for encrypted wallet string using the user and computer domain have stuck participants. It was asking specifically for a “user.domain” format of information. It […]

16 Jan

Changing Windows 7 Product Key After Installation

Having a new computer is exciting even if it’s not the latest of the models. Recently an office mate have purchased a Compaq Presario CQ3000 Series desktop computer. The computer comes with a Free DOS operating system which basically is not that useful to an office user. One might wonder why it doesn’t come with […]

12 Jan

Visual Basic Application Invalid Connection String Attribute DBNETLIB Data Provider Error

Running Visual Basic software applications in Windows 7 or even Windows XP could be hampered by errors. I was have an information system which was running fine in prior to office relocation, but once we’ve moved the application stopped working. Application software analyst is required to check on this, but I was called in to […]

15 Dec

WAMPSERVER 2.2 Apache Server Won’t Start in Windows 7 Home Basic

Update of WordPress Themes is needed from time to time to keep the website upbeat with the latest web design trends. Editing WordPress Themes is better done locally. After the changes are as expected it could be uploaded to replace the old WordPress Theme. Thus, it is deemed that a WordPress blog platform installation on […]

30 Sep

Fixing Windows XP Startup Rundll Error Loading Tapi.nfo

Computer performance is an important factor for a user. I was called to check a Dell OptiPlex 745 desktop computer which reported to be a slow computer. The computer has a Core 2 Duo processor with Windows XP operating system. There is much power under the hood of Dell OptiPlex 745 to cope up the […]