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Install Linux Container (LXC) in Oracle Linux 6.4

Virtualization solutions offers a popular solution for our work use in beta testing applications and system installation. I’ve encountered Linux Containers or LXC which is something relatively new which is a hybrid of chroot and full virtual machine.

LXC is a userspace interface for the Linux kernel containment features. Through a powerful API and simple tools, it lets Linux users easily create and manage system or application containers.

source: http://linuxcontainers.org/

Thus, I’ve explored to install this on Oracle Linux 6.4. The steps for Linux Container installation is pretty simple.

1. Login as root
2. Set the appropriate repository
# cd /etc/yum.repos.d
# wget http://public-yum.oracle.com/public-yum-ol6.repo
3. Install LXC
# yum install lxc
4. Check LXC installation
# rpm -qa lxc

After installation I could now create Linux containers in Oracle Linux 6.4 as intended.


Linux Zpanel KFM Module Increase File Upload Limit

Zpanel web hosting manager includes a lot of installable module. I find Kae’s File Manager module to be very useful. The default upload file size seems to be limited to 2Mb. Thus, it needs to be configured to allow bigger file uploads.

The way to increase KFM module file upload limit is to edit the php.ini file. The file is located under “/etc” folder. I plan to increase the file upload limit size to 25Mb. The following variables need to be adjusted upload_max_filesize, post_max_size, max_execution_time, and max_input_time.

Using the Vi text editor:
# vi /etc/php.ini

I’ve set it accordingly the parameters as follows:
upload_max_filesize = 25M
post_max_size = 25M
max_execution_time = 120
max_input_time = 60

I restarted the httpd service for the new settings to take effect.
# /etc/init.d/httpd restart

I open up the web hosting panel KFM file manager and tested file uploads until 25Mb and it worked fine to my delight.


Linux Sudo Copy File Preserve Permission Date Stamp

A simple day to day task in using a computer such as copying a file could be daunting in a new environment. Well a friend new to Linux operating system is blown away with such a task. A person who is accustomed to GUI (Graphic User Interface) environment like MS Windows operating system freaks out.

Anyway, copying a file in Linux is usually done via “cp” command. Some systems does not allow use of “cp” command. It should be done via “sudo” (allow a super user to do on ones behalf).
$sudo cp sourcefilename targetfilename

The above command requires that the user is in the list of “sudo” users. The problem with using such command is it changes the ownership to “root” and date stamp to system date. There are cases when we don’t want such scenario.

Thus, to preserve the ownership, permission, and date stamp the “cp” command is used with some parameters.
$sudo cp sourcefilename targetfilename -p

The added parameter “-p” tells “cp” command to preserve the ownership, permission, and date stamp.


Infor ERP alternative to Oracle E-Business Suite

Enterprise Resource Planning software is one of the important applications widely used in offices. Oracle E-Business Suite (Oracle ERP) is also among the popular ERP applications together with SAP. Recently though I’ve encountered a new ERP application from Infor. The Chief Executive Officer of Infor is Oracle’s Charles Phillips who was the former President of Oracle Corporation and a member of its Board of Directors. It’s interesting that Infor which is relatively new to the market have progressed rapidly in the recent years.

I’ve been using Oracle ERP E-Business Suite for several years already. There is this Java Run time application and a self-service web application which opens via the internet browser. It’s a problem we encounter with using the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) based application as it does not run on newer such as Windows 7 64 bit operating systems. Also some people are using portable devices already like tablets or iPads which does not support the Oracle Forms which are Java-based applications. The self-service web applications are working fine, but not the full feature is available.

Thus, we’ve looked for some alternative ERP which could adapt to the new technology. The one which caught our attention is Infor which introduces modern look and feel with innovation. There is a common visual interface whether you are using desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone, offering a seamless experience.

In summary Infor ERP Advantage:
Streamline operations and get company-wide visibility.
Get access to information anytime, anywhere to improve decision making and speed response times.
Easily adapt to new manufacturing methods, changing customer requirements, and evolving business strategies.
Get new products to market more quickly and profitably.
Optimize inventory and production resources to increase efficiency.
Improve quality and customer satisfaction.
Source: Infor Website

The above advantages are considerations that make Infor ERP as a good alternative to Oracle ERP E-Business Suite.


Windows 8 Jinitiator Support for Oracle ERP Application

Oracle ERP are some of the most important applications we have at work. Mostly Oracle E-Business Suite financial modules are being used. We’ve been running Oracle 5.7.11 applications, but would like to use newer operating systems from Microsoft. The offices are using Windows operating system with corporate license which makes it easy for IT support to upgrade to newer operating system versions.

The biggest stumbling block in upgrading to newer operating systems like Windows 7 or Windows 8 are is the support for running Oracle ERP Applications. A lot of people are experiencing issues in working with Jinitiator. Some were having problems with jinitiator on Windows 7. Installing Jinitiator was without problems but every time applications are opened with browser (IE or Firefox) it hangs and close with error. Using compatibility mode (XP with SP3) is a hit and miss on some occasion with various browsers.

Oracle JInitiator last version 1.3 was desupported for EBS customer’s way back in July 2009. It was recommended to use the standard Sun JRE as per Oracle page below:


There’s clearly no coming support for Jinitiator for Windows 7 or Windows 8. It would be a major change for those facing the issue of using legacy Oracle EBS applications and newer Microsoft Windows operating system.


Notepad++ Word Count in Status Bar Missing

Notepad++ Summary Window

There’s a lot of text editor software choice available. A cool open source software for editing text is Notepad++. This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation. What I and others “missing” is the word count.

When typing on the editor the length and lines are shown in the status bar, but nowhere could you find the word count. There’s no configuration available for word count be in status bar as the contents of the status bar are not configurable. The reason that text editor word count feature is not included in real time might be the performance implications.

Anyway, that makes having word count in status bar next to impossible. But there’s an alternative though for having word count in Notepad++ text editor software which I think acceptable. Actually, word count is available by double clicking on the “length” or “lines” items on the status bar which pops-up a summary window with word count in it. Word count in status bar might not be the real deal as summary window with word count is sufficient for most case.


Prevent Data Loss with Timely Hard Disk Checking

Cranking sound from laptop during startup is a sign of an impending disaster. Well it’s true, if the sound comes from the hard disk. I bought an Aspire S3 laptop computer as it’s handy for travel. Very sleek design and light. Everyday, I have it with me going to office and back home. I just put it on sleep mode and I’m ready to go. Open it up and I’m ready to work.

Sad story is after 9 months with very few or without shutting it down, it start to behave abnormally. The Windows 7 operating system hangs up and informs me to backup my laptop. It’s one of those system messages which is nagging to backup my data, which I haven’t done from the start. I am too lazy to use the system backup utility to do backup of my laptop. I convince my self that nothing will go wrong for a relatively new device.

HDDScan for Windows

HDDScan for Windows

Everything is seems too late when one fine day the laptop froze and no key works. I have to shut it down using the power on/off button. It is really a big head ache with all important files and data going with it. My friend suggested to use SpinWrite disk revival software which could revive hard disk that are “dying” in which case is the predicament that I have. Since, it’s a commercial software I went to retrieve the data using TestDisk which is an open source software.

I am glad the partition was read by TestDisk disk recovery software, even if Windows could not recognize it and says it should be formatted. Even Partition Magic recognizes it as a bad disk. Anyway, I got all the data back. But I’ve learned the lesson that timely hard disk checking should be included in regular maintenance of laptop computer. I found HDD Scan software to be a perfect tool to do the job.

HDDScan for Windows Scan Graph

HDDScan for Windows Scan Graph

The hard disk S.M.A.R.T information is provided and the surface test to verify it’s reliability is a feature I like. Have I known HDDScan software earlier, the trouble of going through data recovery to retrieve valuable information could have been prevented.


Acer TravelMate Laptop Synaptics Touchpad Does Not Allow Click or Double Tap

Strange things do happen every now and then on my laptop. I have done some upgrades on security patches and software and noticed that the Synaptics touchpad does not work properly. Usually, a tap on the touchpad is equivalent to a left click on the mouse and a double tap would be equivalent to a double click on a mouse.

The Synaptics touchpad in general works, but the tap-to-click functionality does not work as before. I need to use the touchpad left button to select via click or double click to select some items. There are some settings which might have been affected. I checked on Windows XP’s Start -> Control Panel -> Mouse -> Properties and all seem to be okay.

Windows XP Mouse Properties

Windows XP Mouse Properties

Finally, I found that the item to check is on the Synaptics Pointing Device icon on the system tray. The “Tap to Click” feature needs to be checked to make it work. After setting it properly, I enjoyed once more the tap-to-click feature of the laptop’s touchpad.

Synaptics Touchpad Settings

Synaptics Touchpad Settings


Nokia E52 Hard Reset and Format Phone to Factory Settings

Brand new phones are flooding the market now. There are lots of choices available, but I am stuck with Nokia E52 phone. It’s very handy and works akin to a smart phone. It has some Wi-Fi and 3G capability which is a basic thing required for internet connectivity. I could browse the internet with Opera Mobile browser and chat via Skype.

All the features are fine, but important VoIP software suddenly did not work after upgrade of firmware. Currently the software version is 091.003 and custom version 091.003.C00.01. Both software version and custom version were updated on 3 April 2012. The particular Nokia E52 model I have is E52-1 with type RM-469.

In dire need of the VoIP software to run on my phone has led me to search and try for a method to do a hard reset of the phone. I need the phone to be set back to the very initial state from the factory.

A way I discovered to format Nokia E52 phone was to use the following key combination:


I backed up first the phone contacts, messages, photos, music, videos and other data with OVI sync. Next, I’ve removed the phones micro SD card. After which, I used the above key combination to format the phone.

It sure did format the phones memory card, but the problem I have with downgrading or resetting the Nokia E52 software firmware still remain. The above key combination to hard reset or phone format did not downgrade the software firmware.


Key Benefits of Mobile Device Security Enterprise Solution

Internet it almost available anywhere with 3G feature available in most mobile devices. Also, most work place is littered with WiFi access point. As a result, I’ve observed that people tend to more and more use mobile devices both for personal or work use. This scenario brings a new challenge to secure data accessed from mobile devices.

Thus, for an organization or business it is a must to include them in the over-all IT security land scape. Having an enterprise solution for mobile device security problem would be best. One might ask about the key benefits for implementing such enterprise security software solution.

Key benefits of mobile device security enterprise solution:

  • reduced security risk
  • limit data loss
  • better visibility
  • reduced operational costs

Security is a primary objective and mobile security software will ensure proper configuration. It protects devices from malware by limiting the security risk from compromised devices. Policies for data access are enforced via data encryption and passwords. Lost devices or stolen can be remotely locked or data erased.

Administrators can do mobile device management and have critical visibility of device accessing corporate data such as number, type, and more information. The centralized visibility coupled with device management control and security could bring about savings in time and money which considerably reduce operational cost.

Is it really worth to investing on mobile device security software? The answer could depend all in the size of mobile device user base of an organization or business. But it’s pretty much an important aspect to consider than suffering data loss or security breach in corporate world.